Wood Strip Canoes, Kayaks, and SUPs

The hull and deck of a strip-planked boat are both made of lightweight, resilient cedar strips that are formed around a rigid building mold and glued edge to edge along the length of the boat. The resulting panels of strips glued together are planed and sanded fair, then covered inside and out with fiberglass cloth, which is actually cloth woven of minute fibers of normal glass. The glass is bonded to the wood with tough epoxy resin, which laminates the cloth to the wood and fills in the weave of the fabric, making it smooth and invisible except when viewed from the proper angle under the right light. Yes, there actually is cloth covering the wood.
This method creates a boat that is incredibly rugged yet lightweight. A strip-planked boat is just as strong, if not stronger, than its plastic production counterpart and weighs much less. And because the fiberglass covering becomes transparent in the building process, the full beauty of the wood is allowed to show, creating a complex, beautiful natural pattern that synthetic boats cannot even begin to imitate. A well-built strip-planked boat is the ultimate union of form and function in a watercraft that is as useful and durable as it is attractive.
This building style is also well suited to a high level of personal customization. Virtually any shape and size of canoe or kayak can be created, and the outfitting options on these boats are numerous, allowing the customer a level of personalization that is impossible in a synthetic, mass-produced boat. The builder can work with the customer’s ideas and desires to create a boat that is truly unique and suited to its owner. For those seeking a beautiful, functional and durable watercraft that they can truly call their own, a handmade, custom strip-planked canoe or kayak is the first choice for a boat that will bring the paddler years of enjoyment on the water.

Available Models

14 Foot Solo Kayak

A lightweight, long, narrow single-paddler kayak. This kayak glides through the water easily and quickly. It is suitable for use on lakes, rivers and ponds. The kayak is fitted out with one cockpit and seat, and two hatches for access to the ends of the boat for storage on the water. This boat is well suited for the discerning paddler who wants a kayak that is as functional as it is aesthetic.

Weight: approximately 35 pounds

Width: 24 inches

Length: 14 feet

Bow Height: 15 inches Stern Height: 7 inches
12' Standup Paddleboard

This SUP is big and wide and very stable, yet still moves through the water at a good pace. It is very solidly built, providing a good platform for mid-lake swimming or diving. It can also be used with a double paddle as a sit on top kayak.

Weight: aproximately 65 pounds

Width: 32"

Length: 12'-6"
Other Options and Models

The Cedar-Strip building method is well suited to individual customization. The lack of a permanent building form means that individual styles, shapes, and sizes of boats can be made much more easily than can be done in the wood-canvas building style. Each boat can be custom designed and built to better suit the paddler's needs and desires. The customer should not hesitate to ask about custom options, and the styles and designs of available boats are not limited to those above.
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