Housatonic Canoe Shop

The Housatonic Canoe Shop specializes restoring and repairing antique wood canvas canoes and other small craft. Other products include scale model canoes and wooden canoe and kayak paddles, and building custom cedar canvas canoes to order.

Each item is handmade custom for the paddler, enabling a high level of personalization. The builder will work with the customer to fulfill their needs and desires in a custom built canoe or paddle. 

The shop takes pride in building a durable, functional, beautiful small boat that meets the paddlers needs and desires. A well crafted wooden boat not only looks good, but it works much better than a synthetic mass produced boat, riding quieter and smoother through the water to bring the paddler closer to the natural environment through which he travels. A handmade wooden canoe or kayak evokes a legacy of tradition and adventure that cannot be recreated in a mass produced boat. Such a boat will become a treasured family heirloom to be passed down to the next generation, who inherit not only a canoe, but the love and respect for the natural world through which it is intended to to travel.
View the Canoe Restoration section to see a showcase of all the Shop's past and present restorations.

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Check out the Currently For Sale section to see boats that are all finished and up for sale.

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