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This page shows the Shop's current inventory. These boats are all done and ready to go. Call 203-470-2031 or send an E-mail for more information.


14 Foot Long Solo Kayak

Designed for a mix of speed and stability, this kayak is easy to use and cuts the water well, making upwind paddling possible even in a stiff wind and a good chop. The sweeping lines of the deck are attractive and the natural wood strip look cannot be paralleled by synthetic kayaks.

14 feet long, 24 inches across

Moderate V bottom, moderate tumblehome, flat keeline(no rocker)

35 pounds total weight

Two hatches for storage access

Ash seat with adjustable back

This kayak will suit a paddler up to 6 feet tall and up to 200 pounds with some capacity left for holding some fishing equipment. A smaller paddler could store enough gear for camping in this kayak and still be within the kayak's weight capacity.

Available for $3500.00

Call 203-470-2031 or e-mail for more information or to buy one of these beautiful boats!
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