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The builder, John Visser, can be contacted by phone, (203)-470-2031, or E-mail, . Please feel free to call or e-mail for more information and further questions that have not been answered in the website. All orders can be made by phone or via e-mail.

Phone: (203)-470-2031


Orders for paddles require no deposit. Orders for canoes and kayaks require a deposit, equal to the total cost of materials, at the time of order. A boat can be built in two to three months, but time until completion depends on the amount of work in the shop at the time. The customer will be given an estimate on completion time at the time of order. Payment will also be arranged individually with the customer at the time of order.

Delivery varies for the product being delivered. Smaller items such as paddles and scale models can be shipped in the mail or using a common delivery service. The builder will hand deliver a canoe or kayak for $0.75 per mile traveled. For trips over 300 miles one way, a rate of $1.00 per mile will be applied. A shipping company may be used if the customer desires, or the customer may personally pick up the boat himself. The builder will work with the customer to find the best solution for delivering the finished product.

The shop is located in the town of Sherburne, New York.

Also check out the Shop's Facebook page for updates and photos of what's going on in the Shop.

The Shop also has an Etsy page with more photos and information. Orders can be placed directly through the Etsy shop.

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