Canoe and Kayak Paddles

Single Blade Traditional Canoe Paddles

Canoe paddles carved from a single plank of solid wood, made custom to fit the paddler. The graceful shape of the lightweight wooden canoe paddle cuts through the water quietly and efficiently stroke after stroke. Natural grain patterns swirl and wave along the length of the paddle under several coats of smooth, glass-like varnish. Species of wood include maple, ash, cherry, and basswood. Each paddle can be made individually to suit the paddler for size and style. Some completed paddles might be available for immediate shipment or pickup. Prices vary based on species of wood used and design styles.


Miniature Wood Canoe Paddles

These small scale paddles are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to bring a touch of lakeside living into the indoors. Standard size is 24" long x 3" wide in pine for $15.00. Other sizes and wood species available upon request.

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